Embedded Accounts

Gain access to the Bolt Network, increase guest checkout conversion, gain first party data, and keep control of your checkout experience using Bolt Embedded Accounts. Embedded Accounts supports both guest and logged-in checkout experiences that you can customize.

Embedded Accounts Provide Checkout, Control, and Conversion

βœ“ Enable a One-Click Checkout

With Bolt, you automatically offer shoppers a one-click checkout experience even if they’ve never been to your site before.

βœ“ Keep Your Checkout UX

Keep your checkout process and maintain your branded experience while tapping into Bolt’s account infrastructure and authentication.

βœ“ Drive Conversion

Bolt account shoppers complete checkout at a 50% higher rate than guest shoppers and have 66% higher repurchase rates.

Benefits Overview

Merchant Benefits

Benefit Description
Increased Conversion Rates Bolt accounts complete checkout at a 50% higher rate than guest shoppers
Increased Repeat Purchases Bolt accounts have 66% higher repurchase rates than guest shoppers
Increase in Account Creation Bolt’s infrastructure encourages shoppers to sign up for accounts, reducing the amount of guest checkouts
Access to First-Party Data from Bolt Shoppers Gain direct access to shoppers' purchasing behaviors with linked Bolt and merchant accounts
Control of User Checkout Experience Tailor the look and feel of the checkout experience to your branding standards

Shopper Benefits

Benefit Description
No Passwords Needed Let shoppers use secure, one-time passwords (OTP) to log in without the hassle of remembering passwords or usernames
One-Click Checkout Shoppers can breeze through Bolt’s expedited one-click checkout
Easily Create Account Shoppers can create accounts during checkout without friction

How to Set up Embedded Accounts

Embedded Accounts Use Case Overview
Learn about the use cases of Embedded Accounts.
Embedded Accounts Checkout Flow Setup
Bring your own UI and enhance guest shopper experiences with Bolt Account data and APIs.
Select a New Payment Method for a Shopper's Account
Learn how to enable shoppers to select from saved payment methods or add a new one while managing their account through your storefront.
Add a Payment Method to a Shopper's Account
Learn how to add a payment method to a Bolt shopper's account using the Accounts API.
Add an Address to a Shopper's Account
Learn how to add an address to a Bolt shopper's account using the Accounts API.
Read a Bolt Shopper's Account Details
Learn how to read a shopper's account details using the Accounts API.