How to Disable Bolt

If you need to disable Bolt One-Click Checkout, follow these instructions to return to your previous checkout experience.

Please note that when you disable Bolt in BigCommerce, there is no confirmation message and your connection with Bolt will immediately be severed. We recommend disabling in your sandbox account first to ensure that your backup payment methods are fully functional.

Set Up Payment Processors

Set up your desired Payment Processor in BigCommerce, following BigCommerce’s instructions.

Disable Bolt in BigCommerce

  1. In your BigCommerce dashboard, go to Store Setup, then Payments.
  2. Scroll down to Online Payment Methods. You should see Bolt toggled to ON.
  3. Toggle Bolt to OFF. The Bolt Settings tab will disappear in several minutes, and Bolt One-Click Checkout will not longer appear on your store.

Enable Bolt Again

If you wish to reinstall Bolt One-Click Checkout to your storefront, please reach out to your Bolt representative or Bolt’s Support Team.

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