SFRA Custom Attributes and Logs

Custom Attributes


  • BoltAuthAmount(Number): Stores authorized amount
  • BoltCaptureAmount(Number): Stores captured amount
  • BoltDWLinkOrderID(String): Stores order ID linked with Bolt order
  • BoltPaidAmount(Number): Stores paid amount
  • BoltTransactionHistory(Text): Stores history of the Bolt transaction in relation to the actual payment transaction
  • BoltTransactionID(String): Stores Bolt transaction ID
  • BoltTransactionReference(String): Stores Bolt transaction reference ID
  • BoltTransactionStatus(String): Stores current payment status of the transaction
  • BoltTransactionType(String): Stores current type of the transaction
  • isBoltOrder(Boolean): Identifies if order is placed by Bolt


  • BoltCardExpirationMonth(Integer): Stores the expiration month of the credit card
  • BoltCardExpirationYear(String): Stores the expiration year of the credit card
  • BoltCreditCardLastDigits(String): Stores last 4 digit of credit card
  • BoltCreditCardType(String): Stores credit card type


In Business Manager, navigate to Administration > Global Preferences > Global Custom Preferences.

  • appleDeveloperMerchantidDomainAssociation(Text): Stores ApplePay validation string

Custom Objects

In Business Manager, navigate to the Merchant Tools > Custom Objects > Custom Objects.

  • BoltDummyOrder: The BoltDummyOrder is deprecated and will be removed in a future release. This object is not in use and will not count against Business Manager storage quota.


All log files are located in the Logs folder by navigating to Administration > Site Development > Development Setup > Logs.

This integration introduces a few new custom logs:

  • Bolt Custom Log:
    • - This Log file contains all errors related information in the int_bolt_v2 and int_bolt_v2_sfra cartridges.
  • Service Communication Logs:
    • These logs contain every request and response to the Bolt API endpoint. To enable these logs, navigate to Administration > Operations > Services > Bolt.http/ bugsnag.http and check the Communication Log Enabled preference. Examples of service communication logs:
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