Generate a Checkout Link

Checkout Links can be enabled by contacting your Bolt Customer Success Manager. It is currently available to participating Beta merchants.

Using Checkout Links you can provide flexible shopping experiences for customers everywhere they browse the web. This feature allows you to create links that will direct shoppers to Bolt checkout with a specific product. You can embed the Checkout Link anywhere, such as a blog or online publication.

Use Cases

  • Turn physical ads on billboards, public transportation, and street kiosks into points of conversion.
  • Create an intuitive shopping journey by sending shoppers to a preloaded cart with items yet to be purchased.
  • Create QR codes that allow in-store shoppers to purchase out-of-stock items online with one click.

Merchant Benefits

  • Easily direct shoppers to a purchasing experience from across branded sites.
  • Further reduce friction at checkout, enhancing the one-click shopping experience for shoppers and increasing conversion.
  • View analytics for orders purchased via Checkout Links versus the storefront.

Shopper Benefits

  • Skip navigating through a storefront to buy a desired product.
  • Can purchase their favorite products through SMS/email marketing campaigns without finding the specific product on a website themselves.

How it Works

  1. Customer clicks on Checkout Link
  2. Shopper is directed to either:
    a. A Bolt-hosted product display page with the product SKU preselected.
    b. A checkout page with the product SKU prepopulated.
  3. Shopper checks out via one-click checkout. If the shopper is logged in to the Bolt network, they will complete checkout seconds after clicking the Checkout Link.
  4. Order via Checkout Link is reflected in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and Analytics.

QR Codes

With QR code adoption doubling in the past year, Bolt provides digital marketers the opportunity engage consumers with this technology. Contact your Bolt Customer Success Manager for details.

Use cases

  • Checkout Links can be encapsulated in a QR code to deliver a unique shopping experience across digital media.
  • Include QR codes in print ads and product packaging.
  • Turn awareness into conversions via in-store placement or during live events, where scanning a QR code can direct a shopper to a purchase flow.
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