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Set Up Bolt for Adyen


Your Adyen account must be able to accept raw PAN information in order to integrate with Bolt. To accept raw PAN information, the Webservice User that is used for Bolt will need to have the API PCI Payments Role enabled. Please reach out to your Adyen representative to enable this role. (Learn more)

How to Integrate with Adyen

  1. Inform your Customer Success Manager that you would like to use Adyen as your payment processor.
  2. Create an API key from your Adyen account.
  3. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  4. Navigate to Settings > Payments.
  5. Select Add Adyen.
  6. Complete the following fields:
  7. Select Add Adyen.


If you are using Bolt fraud and autocapture, you must leave your Adyen captures set to MANUAL CAPTURE. Bolt will authorize the order, then run it through the Bolt fraud review process, before capturing the order in Adyen.

You have now successfully linked Bolt to your Adyen account.

2. Set up Webhooks

Webhooks are needed for updating Bolt on dispute events.

  1. Contact Bolt Support to be provided your dispute webhook URL.
  2. Refer Adyen’s Notification Webhooks article to set up a chargeback webhook.
  3. Save & Test using Adyen’s Notification Webhooks article.

Optional Setup

Real Time Account Updater

Use the Real Time Account Updater to instantly check with Visa and Mastercard for the most up-to-date card details whenever shoppers submit a payment that gets refused. If updated payment details exist for that shopper, Adyen retries the payment using the updated card details while the payment is still being processed (meaning it is experienced as one single transaction).

  1. Reach out to your Adyen representative and express your interest in enabling this feature.
  2. Confirm with Adyen that they are using the correct RSA public key for credit card JSON Web Encryption (JWE).
  3. Request that RTAU be enabled on your account.
  4. Follow the setup steps found in Adyen’s RTAU setup guide.
  5. Submit a request to your Bolt CSM to confirm setup was successful.


See Adyen’s test card documentation to test your setup in sandbox or staging.


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