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Set Up Bolt for Radial

How to Integrate with Radial

1. Add Bolt IPs to Allowlist List

If you are using a blocklist, allow the following IPs:


2. Add Radial Keys to Bolt

You must be an admin in your Bolt Merchant Account to complete the following steps.

  1. Log in to the Radial Console.
  2. Navigate to Profile > API Keys.
  3. Obtain the following:
    • Store ID
    • API Key
    • Base URL (This is an optional value only needed if Radial has assigned a unique base URL to your merchant account) radial api key
  4. Copy the required details.
  5. Open the Bolt Merchant Dashboard in a separate tab.
  6. Navigate to Settings >Payments.
  7. Select Add Radial.
  8. Add your Radial keys.
  9. Select Add Radial.

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