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iOS SDK Quickstart

Welcome to the Bolt iOS SDK! Our goal is to deliver the most innovative checkout experience possible — for both you and your shoppers. To get started, follow this quickstart guide to install the iOS SDK on your application. After that, you can customize your checkout to include payment methods such as Apple Pay.


Explore the Bolt iOS SDK


This is an optional step and is not required for installing the Bolt iOS SDK.

  1. Install XCode.
  2. Clone the Bolt iOS SDK Repo: git clone https://github.com/BoltApp/bolt-ios-sdk.git
  3. In your terminal, navigate to cd bolt-ios-sdk and run open YourShopApp.xcworkspace.
  4. Choose CheckoutExample as the target in XCode and run it.

iOS SDK Set Up

1. Install the Bolt iOS SDK Library

2. Import Bolt's SDK into the Source Code

3. Create a View Controller

4. Integrate the Bolt View Controller

5. Configure environment type

6. Set View Constraints

Next Steps

Next, you can move on to using the SDK to create the Bolt View Controller to manage and show both the Checkout and Apple Pay buttons.

If you’re not using Apple Pay, you can also move on to customizing the shopper’s checkout experience, setting up SSO login, or enable the Bolt Checkout button.

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