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BigCommerce Integration

Add Bolt user to your dashboard

1. Go to User Settings

This may be under Settings > Users OR Account Settings > Users depending on your version of Bigcommerce.

2. Click Create a User Account

3. Add as a user

Under Email, type in
Under Status, select “Active”
Under User Role, select “Sales Manager”
Under "System Admin Permissions", turn on these permissions:

  • Manage Settings
  • Manage Payments
  • Store Design
  • Design Mode
  • Store Logs
    Under Enable WebDav, check “Yes”

4. Save

Click “Save” on the bottom right. BigCommerce will automatically send an email to activate the login.

Install Bolt App

1. Go to marketplace and install Bolt app

The URL to marketplace is https://{your_store_domain}/manage/marketplace/apps/13488

If the URL does not work or get you to the install page, you can also navigate there manually:
Apps > Marketplace > click on "BIGCOMMERCE.COM/APPS" button > This will open a new tab

Search "Bolt" in the search bar and click on Bolt app banner

Click "GET THIS APP" should take you to the install page (It might prompt you to log in to BigCommerce account again)

2. Now click "Install" and "Confirm" button to complete your installation

Once the install succeeds, you will see something like this, and you are all set 🙌

If the install fails, please let us know and we will investigate further. It's usually a configuration tweak on our end to make sure your store profile is setup properly.

BigCommerce Integration

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