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BigCommerce Operations

Order Review and Statuses

When a user places an order, its initial order status will be Manual Verification Required (See #519 below), which indicates Bolt is reviewing the order. There are three potential statuses the order may take after review:

  • Bolt Reversibly Rejected - When Bolt suspects the transaction is likely fraud, Bolt can reject the transaction while allowing user action to reverse this. In this case, the status will stay “Manual Verification Required” (#521). You may either “force approve” or “confirm rejection” in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
  • Bolt Rejected - When Bolt is confident an order is fraud, Bolt irreversibly rejects the transaction. The status will show "Cancelled" (#520).
  • Completed - When Bolt approves the order, the status will be updated to "Awaiting Fulfillment" (#518). “auto capture” is always enabled, payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment will be captured when the invoice is issued.
Bolt Merchant Dashboard

Bolt Merchant Dashboard

Custom Order Notifications

If you are using custom order notifications with your BigCommerce store, the BigCommerce statuses may slightly differ then those above. Place a test transaction and contact [email protected] if you need help discerning the status flow in these cases.

How to take phone orders

We currently don't support orders created from BigCommerce admin dashboard. However, the workaround is to create a draft order and checkout using Bolt at Cart page.

  1. Create a draft order in BigCommerce, you can follow this instruction:
  2. After going to the draft order URL generated from step 1, The customer can checkout with Bolt at the Cart page. As noted in the text of the BigCommerce article linked above, "Note: Cart URLs will not be sent automatically and must be sent via email or through other means to your customers."
  3. The customer, not at the merchant or merchant's agent, must complete the transaction on the Cart. Bolt will not indemnify transactions completed by merchants or their agents.

Check Method

In most cases Bolt uses Check as the method for payment processing due to BigCommerce payment configuration requirements. It is vital that then check option remain on as seen below.

Turning off the check method will deactivate Bolt Checkout and likely cause processing errors. For more see BigCommerce Check Method


Refunds are best processed by issuing a refund through BigCommerce, as the Bolt Merchant Dashboard will not automatically sync with your order management system.
See more information in our support site articles: Issue a Refund and Issuing Refunds in BigCommerce
For BigCommerce's instructions on refunds, see Processing Refunds

BigCommerce Store Credits and Bolt

Issuing a Store credit on BigCommerce will cause a refund to be generated within Bolt. This occurs due a bug within the payment processing system on BigCommerce. If you encounter this issue and need assistance please reach out to Bolt Support.

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BigCommerce Operations

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