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Direct API

Welcome to the Bolt API Documentation

Before getting started with using Bolts APIs, we ask that you reach out [email protected] to get your account setup.


At Bolt, we have spent a lot of engineering resources to simplify integration so that we do all the heavy lifting and your integration is as simple as it can be!

The integration can be broken down to 6 major steps. Each step must be implemented in the order shown below.

  1. Create Order Token
  2. Frontend integration
  3. Shipping and Tax API
  4. API Hooks integration
  5. Discount API
  6. Back office integration

Additional Development Documentation

Bolt API Libraries

If your server uses PHP or JavaScript, you can utilize our API libraries. Library has examples.

Bolt PHP Library
Bolt node Library


To make all the integrations simpler, we have introduced checkpoints at each step of the integration to make sure your integration is successful. Lookout for callouts as shown below


  • Make sure the <div> is visible
  • Make sure that the modal loads


Bolt also offers 2 types of environments for development

  • Sandbox: This is purely for development and no real credit processing is done here.
  • Production: This is for real money processing

Always integrate with Sandbox first

Mistakes can be expensive in production. Always integrate with sandbox first and then deploy to production

Integration Checklist

For each environment, you need the following to get started

  • PUBLISHABLE_KEY: This is issued to process transactions on the front end.
  • API_KEY: This is issued to process voids, captures and refunds from backoffice.
  • SIGNING_SECRET: This is used to verify the authenticity of requests coming from Bolt.

Protect the keys

Never share API_KEY or the SIGNING_SECRET externally. It should always be stored securely in your machines.

  • CDN_URL: This is the URL used to inject Bolt's JavaScript into your page.



  • API_URL: This is the URL used to communicate with Bolt's backend.



  • Whitelist your store domain: Bolt only works on whitelisted domains. If you are developing on, go to Whitelisted Domains for the process to whitelist your domains.
  • Register your shipping and tax URL: This is required only for multi step checkout. If you just started developing, you can skip this step as we will walk you through the rest of the documentation. If you are onboarding for production, this URL must be registered first with Bolt.

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Direct API

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