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Developer FAQ

Which browsers does Bolt support?

  • Chrome, Safari and Firefox
  • Internet Explorer 11 and Edge

What is the difference between API Key, Publishable Key, Signing Secret?



Used for calling Bolt API from your backend server

Publishable Key:

Embedded on your website and used by Bolt JavaScript

Signing Secret:

Used for signature verification

What is display_id? How is it different from order_reference?

display_id is the order id that is displayed to your customers.

order_reference is a unique identifier to look up the cart in your e-commerce store but sometimes its not the id that will be shown to the users. When Bolt calls your store hook URL with the latest transaction details, the order_reference can be used to look up the cart/order.

Which transaction_id to use?

Always use the transaction_id from the hook notification for any transaction related operation. The transaction_id in checkout is scoped to the customer and is of very little value in any part of this integration.

How to simulate order approvals and rejections?

You can use the following card number to simulate scenarios in sandbox:

4111 1111 1111 1111

Reviewed and approved by Bolt

4457 0101 4000 0141

Reviewed and irreversibly rejected by Bolt

4457 0102 0000 0247

Reviewed and reversibly rejected by Bolt

4100 2003 1000 0002

Bolt rejection before authorization

4457 0002 0000 0008

Place in review

3743 133042 11118

Processor rejection

  • Expiration: Any month/year in the future
  • CVV: Any 3 digits

Developer FAQ

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