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Magento 1 Operations

Order Review and Status Changes

As Bolt processes the order, it will transition through several different statuses:

Magento Status

Payment Review

When user places an order on your magento store, it will first become the "Payment Review" status (See #145000028 below).


When Bolt approves the order, the status will be updated to the "Processing" status (#145000030). If you have Bolt enable ‘auto capture’, the payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment is captured when you issue an invoice.


When Bolt suspect the transaction is likely a fraud, Bolt rejects transaction. In this case, the order status in Magento becomes “Deferred” (#145000031). You may either ‘force approve’ transaction or ‘confirm rejection’ from the Bolt merchant dashboard. If you don't take any action, order will be automatically cancelled within a few business days.


When Bolt is confident that order is a fraud, we irreversibly reject the transaction. In this case order in Magento will immediately be cancelled with the order status of "Canceled" (#145000032).

You can test these various transaction statuses in sandbox environment. See for details.

Taking phone orders

If you take orders over phone and enter card information on user's behalf, please note such transactions are not indemnified fraud. Please contact your Bolt contact to get separate publishable key for backoffice use. Once key is configured in magento plugin, you can process such payment through magento admin.

When entering the order, make sure to enter a valid (customer) email address for the order, which is a required field for all Bolt orders.

Once the products have been been added, a customer has been selected with both the billing and shipping addresses are populated in the corresponding address forms, and a shipping method has been selected, choose Bolt as the payment option and click the Bolt payment button to process the order.

You will be presented with a modal Bolt checkout popup where you will enter the customer payment details. Enter all the relevant information and submit the order.

After the order has been submitted, please wait for the Magento admin page to refresh. If the order was created successfully, you will be redirected to the admin page for the completed order. If an error has occurred, the order creation page will be refreshed with a message detailing what actions need to be taken to correct the problem.


Refunds are best processed by issuing a refund through Magento, as the Bolt Merchant Dashboard will not automatically sync with your order management system.
See more information in our support site article: Issue a Refund
Go here for details on creating a credit memo in Magento 1.

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Magento 1 Operations

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