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Miva Operations

1. Order Review and Statuses

When a user places an order, its initial Bolt Status (custom order field) will be Pending (See #1531 below), which indicates Bolt is reviewing the order. There are four potential statuses the order may take after review:


When Bolt approves the transaction, the Bolt Status will be updated to “Authorize”. It is ready to be captured (or voided). If “auto capture” is enabled, payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment should be captured using the Miva admin.

Reversibly Rejected

When Bolt suspects the transaction is likely a fraud, Bolt rejects the transaction. In this case, the status will be updated Reversibly Rejected. You may either Force Approve or Confirm Rejection in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Irreversibly Rejected

When Bolt is confident an order is fraud, Bolt irreversibly rejects the transaction. In this case, the status will be updated to Irreversibly Rejected.


If an order is cancelled within Miva or on the Bolt dashboard, the Bolt Status in Miva will be updated to Cancelled. Merchant should cancel order through the Miva admin.


Once a payment has been fully placed (delay capture was performed or auto-capture was set) and approved by Bolt, the Bolt Status will change to Completed. This indicates the order is approved for shipment.


Transaction was declined / permanently rejected. Merchant should cancel order through the Miva admin.

2.Taking Phone Orders

  • To create a new order in the Miva Admin, navigate to Order Processing and click the "+" button
  • Select a customer, or enter the address manually.
  • Add items.
  • Click Edit Shipping/Tax/Other charges to apply shipping and tax charges.
  • Click the Authorize button. An “Authorize” modal will appear.
  • Select Bolt (credit card) from the Payment Method dropdown.
  • A blue Bolt checkout button will appear. Click the button.
  • The Bolt modal will appear. Enter the customer’s information and then click the Pay button.
  • The success message will appear. Once it finishes, the modal will close and the order will be refresh with the payment information shown.


Refunds are best processed by issuing a refund through Miva, as the Bolt Merchant Dashboard will not automatically sync with your order management system.
See more information in our support site articles: Issue a Refund
For more details of refunds with Miva go here.

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Miva Operations

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