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Volusion Integration

This is a guide to installing Bolt on Volusion

Supported Version

This plugin is designed to work with Volusion V1 (previously called V13)
*Version V2 is not currently supported

Note that we only support multi-page checkout on the shopping cart page in Volusion 1

1. Download the plugin

2. Configure the plugin

Open the vspfiles/bolt/config.asp file in a text editor.**

  • Enter your configuration parameters.
  • Enter the API keys provided by Bolt.
  • Enter the Volusion API credentials.

UserName and Password

To find your Volusion API UserName and Password go to the Admin section of your store, [store_url]/admin and select Import/Export from the INVENTORY menu. On the Import/Export page open the VOLUSION API tab and scroll down to the Generic panel. If the Generic API is not enabled click the Enable link and wait for the page to reload. Click on the Volusion API Integration Help link next to the panel title. Finally, on the loaded page click the URL with Query String and General Information for Importing and Exporting section title to show the section contents and examine the link at the bottom. The Volusion API username and password are parameters of the query string named Login and EncryptedPassword, respectively.

3. Upload the plugin via SFTP

With an SFTP client using the login credentials that may be found in your Volusion admin login, and connecting to port 2222, copy the vspfiles folder to the topmost, root /, folder in the directory structure of your store.

The Volusion admin login is different than your store admin.

The plugin cannot be installed on trial accounts

You must make sure that your plan includes access to BOTH SFTP and the Volusion API.

Once you have logged in via sftp, the folder with the same name,vspfiles, will already be present. You will overwrite it and its content.

4. Update Globally Appended Meta Tags

  1. Navigate to the Admin interface MARKETING menu, and then select SEO to open the Search Engine Optimization page.

  2. In the Globally Appended Meta Tags text field enter:

<script id="bolt-connect" type="text/javascript" src="" data-publishable-key="<publishable key from Bolt Merchant Dashboard>">
<script  type="text/javascript" src="/v/vspfiles/bolt/js/bolt.js.asp"></script>
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/v/vspfiles/bolt/css/bolt.css.asp">
<script id="bolt-track" type="text/javascript" src="" data-publishable-key="<publishable key from Bolt Merchant Dashboard>">

Fill publishable key. You can find all your keys in Bolt Merchant Dashboard Settings -> Keys and URLs.

Update bolt-connect and bolt-track urls to the following accordingly if you are doing integration to sandbox environment:

Click the SAVE button on top-right of the page.

5. Install the plugin

Open the URL: [store_url]/v/vspfiles/bolt/install.asp in a web browser.

You should now see the following message

!!! BOLT Payment Plugin Installation Successful !!!

6. Configure webhook

Go to your Bolt Merchant Dashboard

  • navigate to Settings -> Keys and URLs
  • scroll down to URL Configurations section
  • Set Webhook URL to:
  • Set the Shipping and Tax URL to: [store_url]/v/vspfiles/bolt/shipping-and-tax.asp

Success! Your Bolt Volusion Plugin is now installed and configured!

Volusion Integration

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