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BigCommerce & Bolt One Click

BigCommerce and Bolt are coming together to provide qualifying BigCommerce merchants with Bolt One Click. Bolt One Click enables your shoppers to quickly move through the checkout experience with one click. Install it in minutes and give one-click checkout to 9 million shoppers一even if they’ve never been to your site before.

This built-in, accelerated checkout is now available for BigCommerce merchants. This means you can keep your guest checkout flow while embedding Bolt One Click checkout. Delight shoppers with a secure, mobile-friendly buying experience and get 53% higher checkout conversion rates, more repeat purchases, and higher AOV with Bolt One Click.

Please note that this program is currently in beta and is available to select merchants. If you meet the criteria for this program, BigCommerce will follow up with you on how to get started.

Before You Start

Do this as soon as possible (at least 48 hours before your onboarding call, if you’re having one) to ensure Bolt can prepare for any of your custom needs or integrations (for example, if you’re using other Payment Processors like Braintree or Authorize.net).

After you fill out the Merchant Onboarding Form, wait until you receive a Bolt Account invitation to move forward with the integration.

Integration Instructions

All-in-all, it’s a pretty easy set up! Follow the steps below to set up your BigCommerce site integration with Bolt One Click.

Step 1: Preview Your BigCommerce Sandbox Environment

A Sandbox is a 1:1 testing environment that allows you to preview certain settings and features in an “almost functional” duplicate site. This means that you can test the Bolt One Click Checkout workflow without actually needing to purchase items in your site.

If you are a BigCommerce merchant participating in the One Click Bolt beta, please complete testing in this sandbox environment as instructed by your Bolt and BigCommerce representatives.

  1. Wait until you get an email from Bolt indicating you have been invited to a sandbox account.
  2. Then, provide the Bolt representative with your sandbox URL.
  3. After your Bolt representative confirms receipt, you can download your Sandbox app at https://{your_store_url}/manage/marketplace/apps/22164.

Step 2: Download Bolt App

After you receive an invitation from Bolt, you may then download Bolt from the BigCommerce Marketplace.

If you start the integration before you get access, you may need to start over at a later time to ensure a proper integration.

Give it some time, then check your email! You should have an invitation from Bolt waiting for you!

Step 3: Give Bolt Access

You will need to give dev@bolt.com access to your BigCommerce Production Environment to ensure proper installation.

  1. In BigCommerce, navigate to Settings or Account Settings, then Users.
  2. Select Create a User Account.
  3. Add dev@bolt.com as a user by completing the following fields. Then, save your work.
    Setting Setting
    Email dev@bolt.com
    Status Active
    User Role Sales Manager
    System Admin Permissions Enable the following:

    • Manage Settings
    • Manage Payments
    • Store Design
    • Design Mode
    • Store Logs
    Enable WebDav Yes

BigCommerce automatically sends dev@bolt.com an email to activate the login.

Step 4: Connect Bolt App

Inside BigCommerce’s Store Admin Site, go to Store Setup > Payments. Then, scroll down to Online Payment Methods and select the Set Up button for Bolt.

Bolt Location in BigCommerce Store Admin

Step 5: Add Bolt Keys to BigCommerce

Then, you’ll be taken to the Bolt Settings tab, where you need to paste in your Bolt API Key, Publishable Key, and Signing Secret. Be sure to save before you leave the page!

Bolt Key Placement

Merchants can find the keys mentioned above in the Developers tab of their Merchant Dashboard.

Bolt Key Location

Step 6: Select Embedded One Click

Finally, set the dropdown to Embedded One Click.

Bolt’s connect.js script will automatically be injected into your theme and you’ll be ready to go! Be sure to test before you launch and reach out with any questions or issues.

Step 7: Set Manual Orders Transaction Type

  • Set to Authorize and Capture to capture funds when the order is placed.
  • Set to Autorize Only to place an authorization hold on the shopper’s credit card (shoppers may see “pending” in their online bank accounts until the purchase has been authorized).

Step 8: Set Store Mode

  • Set to ‘Yes' if the store is using Sandbox credentials.
  • Set to ‘No’ if the store is using Production credentials.

Shopper Checkout Flows

Use these videos to understand what your shoppers will see after you enable Bolt Checkout for BigCommerce!

Logged In Checkout
Guest Checkout


What is Embedded One Click?

Embedded One Click is a Bolt product that serves multiple customers:

  • Retailers: Bolt Checkout enables hassle-free, secure one-click checkout experience and gives one-click checkout to 9 million shoppers一even if they’ve never been at your site before. Get 53% higher checkout conversion rates, more repeat purchases, and higher AOV with Bolt One Click.

  • Shoppers: Shoppers will avoid the headache of remembering passwords, filling out long forms一every shopper in the Bolt network gets a return-like experience.

How does One Click Checkout differ from the standard BigCommerce checkout process?

Bolt provides a cross-retailer accounts network for consumers shopping online. This allows shoppers to sign up only once across merchants in the Bolt network. Once a shopper visits a Bolt merchant, they experience a one click checkout - thanks to saved address and payment information!

As a result, shoppers can experience a One Click Checkout experience on all sites in the BigCommerce + Bolt Network. Because the experience is embedded within the BigCommerce checkout, the checkout looks and feels native without navigating users off of your store.

What value does One Click Checkout provide?

  1. Fewer Cart Abandonments.
  2. Higher Conversion Rates.
  3. Higher Average Order Value.
  4. Fraud Indemnification on all one click checkout orders.
  5. Access to Bolt’s network of 10 million shoppers.
  6. Access to Merchant Analytics in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

What features are coming soon?

The beta launch will allow shoppers to checkout with a one-click checkout experience. In 2022 we will enable:

  • One Click Analytics within the BigCommerce Control Panel.
  • Single Sign On Commerce that will allow a store account to be created the first time a shopper checks out on your store and creates a Bolt one-click account.

How much does this cost (Beta Program Information Only)?

Throughout the duration of the beta period there are no costs to merchants to enable and use one click checkout in their BigCommerce Store.

However, at the end of the beta, merchants will be able to opt-in to an additional, free 90-day trial period.

Pricing after the free 90-day trial period will be socialized prior to the end of the trial period.

How long does the integration take to implement to my Sandbox and Production Accounts?

We will guide you through the implementation process during a 60 minute onboarding call.

From the time you get access to your Bolt Account (within 24 hours of receipt of approval email on business days), you can log into Bolt, retrieve your keys, and set up your integration with Bolt in about 30 minutes!

What is expected of me (the BigCommerce Merchant) during the beta?

How will I be able to communicate with Bolt during the beta?

Upon admittance to the beta merchant program you will be provided with a dedicated Customer Success Manager. In addition, you will also have access to support documentation and the Bolt Support team.

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