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Enable Checkout Features

Processor Setup
Link your existing or future payment processor to your Bolt Merchant Account.
11 articles
Enable Alternative Payment Methods
How to set up all of your alternative payment methods.
7 articles
Enable Abandoned Cart Emails
How to set up Abandoned Cart Emails for your shoppers.
Enable Cart Groups
How to set up cart groups through the Merchant API.
Enable Checkout Analytics & Tracking
How to set up Checkout Analytics for Bolt Checkout.
Enable Checkout Buttons
Learn how to add checkout buttons to your storefront.
4 articles
Enable Checkout Logo
This feature displays the merchant's logo in the Bolt Checkout modal.
Enable Discount Codes
How to set up discount codes, gift cards, and store credit for shoppers in Bolt Checkout.
Enable In-Store Pickup
How to set up in-store pickup as an option for shoppers during checkout.
Enable Location-Based Shipping Restrictions
This feature limits shipping destinations in Bolt Checkout.
Enable Order Rejection Settings
Define your Rejection Override Window and enable recharges on reversibly rejected transactions.
Enable Order Tracking
How to set up cart groups through the Merchant API.
Enable Product Add-ons & Upsells
This feature displays the suggested product add-ons or upsells for purchase to shoppers during checkout or order tracking.
1 article
Enable Shopper Notifications
How to set up Checkout Notifications for your shoppers.
Enable SSO Commerce
How to set up SSO Commerce for shopper accounts.
Enable Store Highlights
How to set up Store Highlights to display in your checkout flow.
Enable Strikethrough Pricing
How to set up Strikethrough Pricing for Bolt Checkout.
Manage Checkout Configuration
How to manage checkout settings in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.