Set Up Product Subscriptions

Nurture your customer relationship management and boost loyalty by offering subscriptions to recurring purchases.


You can enable product subscriptions through an integration with Ordergroove.

Before using this setup guide, complete all steps in the Ordergroove Integration Guide.

Set Up Frequencies in Bolt

This one-time setup step ensures that the order frequencies you have configured with Ordergroove match what shoppers see on the product page.

  1. Go to your Ordergroove RC3 dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Experiences > Subscriptions > Enrollment and find the HTML Source section.
  3. In another tab, log into the Bolt Merchant Dashboard and navigate to Settings.
  4. For each frequency that appears in the Ordergroove RC3 dashboard, configure a matching frequency in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

If you modify the frequency configuration in RC3 in the future, make sure you also modify the frequency configuration in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard to match.

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