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Place Phone Orders for NetSuite

Merchants should issue refunds from within the NetSuite Console. Bolt recommends using NetSuite’s Official Documentation to complete this action.

How to Place an Order

1. Create Sales Order

  1. Navigate to Transactions > Sales > Enter Orders.
  2. Select a customer from the Customer dropdown.
  3. Scroll to Custom Form and select HM Sales Order - Cash Sale.
  4. Enter the Date of the transaction.
  5. Select the order Status. The default Status is determined by the company’s accounting preferences; for Bolt, the Status is set to Pending Fulfillment by default.
  6. Scroll to the lower sub-tab selections and select the Items tab.
  7. To choose an item:
    • Update the Quantity
    • Select Add
  8. Select the Shipping and choose the proper shipping method.
  9. Select the Payment tab and choose Bolt from the the Payment Method.
  10. Save.

These are the minimum steps required for a Sales Order to be created using Bolt. You may enter additional details such as shipping address, billing address, and other various order details.

2. Checkout via Bolt

Once a Sales Order is created, the Bolt Checkout button populates in the NetSuite menu.

  1. Select Bolt Checkout.
  2. Enter the payment details.
  3. Select Pay.

Merchants can forward a checkout link to a shopper’s email address, enabling the shopper to provide their payment information directly. This method of checkout is secure and indemnified by Bolt.

  1. Navigate to the Bolt tab.
  2. Select Generate A Link To Checkout. The page refreshes.
  3. Return to the Bolt tab.
  4. Copy the link generated. netsuite-pay-by-link
  5. Send to customer via email.

3. Verify Transaction

  1. Scroll to the sub-tab menu.
  2. Select Bolt.
  3. Make a note of the following:
    • Bolt Reference Number
    • Bolt Transaction Token
    • Bolt Transaction Status
  4. Select Fulfill to update the order to a Billing status.
  5. Save.
  6. Select Bill to create a Cash Sale Record. The record is required for issuing refunds.
  7. Save.