Order Review and Status Changes

When a user places an order, the initial order status is “Pending” and the record of Payment Type “PENDING” is stored in the order Payment Log. The following are the potential order statuses and payment log types that can take place past this:



When Bolt approves the order, the status will be updated to Processing. If you enable auto capture, payment is captured at this point and the payment type DEBIT is recorded in payment log. Otherwise, the payment is authorized and the payment log type is AUTHORIZE.

Capturing of the authorized transactions is triggered from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. After the authorized transaction gets captured the record of type CAPTURE is added to the payment log.



When Bolt suspects the transaction is likely a fraud, Bolt rejects the transaction. In this case, the order status will not be updated, it stays at Pending, but the record of REVIEW type is added to payment log. You may either force approve or confirm rejection of the transaction in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

Payment Declined


When Bolt is confident an order is fraud, Bolt irreversibly rejects the transaction. In this case, the status will be updated to Payment Declined and record of type DECLINED added to the payment log.

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