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Handling Fraud Claims

From time to time, when Bolt approves a fraudulent transaction, the cardholder will reach out to you to inform you that the order is fraud and to ask for a refund.

If you receive such contact from the cardholder, you are not required to take any action as Bolt will happily cover the liability for the cardholder’s chargeback. However, Bolt offers rewards to merchants who:

  • Cancel the shipment
  • Refund the cardholder
  • Inform Bolt Support that the order is fraud

Because the above actions reduce Bolt’s fraud liability, merchants who take the above actions are rewarded with the following:

  • A credit for 5% of the total order value
  • A refund on any processing and/or Bolt fees charged on the transaction
  • A credit for any carrier fees incurred in cancelling the shipment
  • Credits will show up as Adjustment transactions in the daily settlement within 1-2 business days of issuance.

Bolt may ask for evidence of carrier fees or cancelled shipments prior to issuing the credits.

There are cases when the reward will not be applied. If the fraudulent order has already been delivered, and merchant has refunded the customer, then we will refund the merchant the net amount of the order. The merchant will not receive the credits outlined above.

If a dispute has already been filed by the customer and Bolt is liable for the fraudulent order, no further action is needed from the merchant, and no rewards apply. Bolt will indemnify the order per our standard policies.