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Bolt Checkout Features

Abandoned Cart Emails
This feature reminds a shopper about the items they considered buying.
About Product Subscriptions
Learn about offering subscriptions to digital and physical products.
Address Verification Process
This feature verifies and validates a shopper's address in Bolt Checkout.
Alternative Payment Methods
These features enable shoppers to checkout using options like: Affirm, Afterpay, and Amazon Pay.
Bolt Confirmation Page
This feature displays the Bolt confirmation page to your shoppers when they check out.
Checkout Cart Groups
This feature sorts and groups items visually in a shopper's cart by label.
Checkout Methods
Learn about all of the available checkout buttons and methods for Bolt Checkout.
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Complex Shipping
Learn about offering complex shipping in your store.
Customization Options
Learn about all of the available customizations for Bolt Checkout.
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Discount Codes
This feature enables your shoppers to apply and remove one or many discount codes during checkout.
Global Consent Collection
Allow Bolt to manage your Shopper accounts with Global Consent Collection.
In-Store Pickup
This feature enables your shoppers to select an in-store pickup option during checkout.
Language Localization
This feature enables you to use a shopper's local language in Bolt Checkout, based on their location.
Location-Based Restrictions
This feature enables merchants to restrict shipping for certain locations.
This feature enables you to use currencies other than USD.
Order Notes
This feature enables shoppers to leave notes for the merchant on their order.
Order Tracking
This feature enables your shoppers to track orders through SMS updates.
P.O. Box Restrictions
This feature disables shipment to P.O. Box addresses during checkout.
Product Add-ons & Upsells
This feature enables your shoppers to add more products to their cart during checkout or when viewing an order tracking page.
This feature prevents bots from checking out on your store.
Shopper Notifications
This feature enables you to manage how shoppers are notified on their order statuses or abandoned carts.
SSO Commerce
This feature enables shopper's to sign into their favorite merchant accounts using Single Sign-On (SSO).
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Store Associate Checkout
This feature allows retail team to check out shoppers in-store via Bolt on a tablet or mobile device.