Abandoned Cart Emails

abandoned carts

An abandoned cart occurs when a shopper has a non-empty cart, opens checkout, fills in at least their email, but does not complete the checkout process. Merchants can remind shopper’s of their full cart using an automated email notification to help them complete their intended purchase. Read how to enable this feature.

Notification Behavior

Abandoned Cart Emails are sent 4 hours after abandonment. Merchants can also choose to send out a second email after 24 hours. The Complete your purchase button sends the shopper to your storefront’s homepage.

Bolt also automatically detects when Abandoned Cart Emails should not be sent to avoid scenarios where a shopper’s card was declined.

Email Contents

  • Subject: Your cart is waiting for you ([www.website.com]).
  • Sender: merchant name
  • Sender Address: info@bolt.com
  • Reply-to Email: merchant’s support email address.


There are four main statuses you can review:

Email Status Description
New Email is in the queue to be sent.
Skipped Email will not be sent due to duplication (repeat abandonment) or staleness (shopper returned and completed checkout).
Emailed Email has been sent.
Recovered Email was sent and helped a shopper complete their checkout.



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