Custom Checkboxes

Custom Checkboxes enable merchants to add custom opt-ins to the shopper’s checkout experience. Custom Checkboxes dynamically allow you to enhance relationships with your shoppers (such as newsletter opt-ins), as well as maintain compliance for regulatory requirements when selling certain goods.


  • Supports customized text and linking
  • Supports preset options
  • Supports up to 3 optional checkboxes or 1 required checkbox
  • Supports storing Yes/No responses in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard


Big Commerce
Custom (API)
Magento 1
Magento Commerce
Salesforce SFRA


  • Checkbox identifier: Used for automated workflows; supports up to 50 case-insensitive characters.
  • Text: Supports up to 200 characters and HTML (URLS).
  • Default checkbox state: Defines if checkbox is initially checked or unchecked for a shopper.
  • Checkbox category: Defines purpose for checkbox (gift, loyalty, newsletter).

See our Dynamic Customizations reference article for an extensive list of options.

Dynamic Customizations

You can dynamically populate Custom Checkboxes in Bolt Checkout using dynamic rules.

Merchants on the Magento Commerce platform can also use custom product attributes (such as color, activity type, and weight) in their conditions.

Use Cases

Use dynamic rules to:

  • Populate a checkbox based on the shopper’s shipping address details.
  • Populate a checkbox for a defined list of SKUs.
  • Populate a checkbox to dynamically capture regulatory requirements (consent, acknowledgment) based on product type or location.

Feature Touchpoints

Shoppers engage with custom checkboxes from the Shipping stage of Bolt Checkout in the following flows:

Guest Checkout Logged-in Checkout Product Page Checkout Payment-only Checkout Paypal Checkout
Yes Yes Yes No No

Data Collection

Shopper responses are sent to your e-commerce platform and are also viewable in the Bolt merchant dashboard.

checkbox data collection

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