Discount Codes

Discount Codes enable merchants to run special deals their shoppers can take advantage of during certain seasons, events, or sign-up promotions. Read how to enable Discount Codes.

Checkout totals that reach zero ($0.00) when a discount code or gift card is applied bypass Bolt’s fraud review analysis and are automatically approved.


Single Discounts

Multiple Discounts

Big Commerce
Custom (API)
Magento 1
Magento Commerce
Salesforce SFRA
  • Supported Relationships: Gateway, Payment Facilitator, Processor
  • WorldPay
  • Supported Relationships: Gateway, Payment Facilitator, Processor
  • Types of Discounts

    Single Discounts

    Merchants can limit the number of discounts that can be applied to a given cart. This ensures discounts can’t be stacked to take advantage of items already on sale and helps prevent scenarios where the total balance owed on a cart is negative.

    Multiple Discounts

    Merchants can allow the application of multiple discounts to entice both returning and new shoppers to proceed with a checkout. Only cart platforms that innately support multiple discounts can leverage this functionality.


    A new shopper has signed up to your newsletter and received a $5 coupon via email. They would also like to take advantage of the current promotion displayed across your store where all orders over $100 can apply a coupon for free shipping. Enabling multiple discounts would encourage this shopper to proceed with checkout, knowing they don’t have to choose only one discount.


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