Bolt provides multi-currency (non-U.S. Dollar(USD)) support. The support for multi-currency varies depending upon the ecommerce platform and payment processor being used. Bolt uses WorldPay(Vantiv) for the majority of its payment processing. In addition, on a limited basis, Bolt uses Stripe for some merchants.


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Bolt Payments

Via WorldPay

For merchants using WorldPay, Bolt can display in international currencies, with the following caveats:

  • Funds will still settle in USD, at the previous day’s average exchange rate. Bolt retrieves the rate every hour. Transaction settlements are based on the calculated average for the day.
  • Funds can only be settled to their American bank account - Bolt cannot send USD to a non-American bank at this time. The shopping cart will provide Bolt Checkout the currency and amount to display. This amount will also be what is sent to WorldPay to charge the customer (in foreign currency).

Bolt uses 3rd party providers to estimate the amount of money WorldPay will collect from the consumer. This means that the payout made from Bolt to merchants may not be exactly equivalent to the amount WorldPay charged the consumer.

Your plugin may need to be updated to support multi-currency. Check with your Implementation Manager / Engineers or Customer Support Manager.

Additional Information

WorldPay supports more than 150 purchase currencies supported by Visa and MasterCard when the settlement currency is USD. They also support American Express when the settlement is in USD for: Australian Dollar(AUD), British Pound Sterling(GBP), Canadian Dollar(CAD), Euro(EUR), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Japanese Yen(JPY), Swiss Franc(CHF).

Bolt Payments via Stripe

For merchants using Stripe, Bolt supports both non-USD presentation of the billing amount (presentment), and non-USD settlement. The shopper is charged in the same currency displayed in the store. Merchants receive money in the currency associated with their bank account. Consider the following scenario: a merchant has a CAD bank account and a USD bank account linked to their Stripe account, and the merchant has 3 payments - one in CAD, one in USD, and one in EUR. In that scenario the merchant will receive the CAD and USD directly without currency conversion, and The EUR transaction will be converted to either CAD or USD by Stripe.


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