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About Product Subscriptions

To offer product subscriptions to shoppers, integrate your Bolt account with Ordergroove.

Deepen Customer Relationships with Subscriptions

When a shopper visits a product page in your storefront that you’ve made available for subscriptions, they can choose to make a one-time purchase or sign up for a recurring purchase.

Example product available for subscriptions

Bolt is partnering with Ordergroove to bring you the ability to offer subscriptions, with the addition of the extensive Bolt Network and our trusted authentication and payments orchestration layers.

Merchant Benefits

  • Move from a one-and-done transaction model to curating ongoing, frictionless relationships
  • Increase customer lifetime value (CLV)
  • Lock in predictable recurring revenue
  • Grow average order value (AOV)

Shopper Benefits

  • Gain a personalized shopping experience
  • Enjoy a more convenient method of paying for regularly used products
  • Save through promotions or discounts at enrollment

Subscription Management

Ordergroove’s RC3 dashboard enables you to manage shoppers' subscriptions and perform other relationship management actions.

If a transaction includes a product subscription, the transaction details view in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard includes a link to the subscription management area in the RC3 dashboard.

Setup Ordergroove Integration

Learn about setting up the Ordergroove Integration.

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