SSO Commerce

Deliver a secure, logged-in experience to your customers that results in increased account registrations for you and reduced friction for your shoppers. SSO Commerce unifies logins for shoppers by connecting your store accounts with Bolt Accounts. This gives your shoppers access to everything related to your brand—like past order history, loyalty programs, and a one-click checkout experiences—across all sites in the Bolt Network. It’s still your brand, just powered by Bolt.

SSO Commerce Provides

✓ Autonomous Account Creation

Whenever a shopper checks out and saves their information, we also create a store account on your behalf.

✓ Linked Accounts

For your existing customers that have already created store accounts, we upgrade these accounts to Bolt Accounts (and vice versa) the next time a customer logs in.

✓ Higher Conversion Rates for First Time Shoppers

Online stores ask new shoppers for the same personal data and payment information over and over again. Shoppers with Bolt Accounts can breeze through checkout with one click, even on sites they’ve never shopped at before. In fact, Bolt account shoppers convert at 63% higher rate than guest checkout shoppers.

✓ Checkout Flexibility and Speed

Powered by Bolt accounts, SSO Commerce enables Shoppers to create an account once, then use it anywhere across our network of hundreds of brands. No need to remember usernames, enter passwords, or type in billing addresses for the one millionth time.

Explore SSO Commerce

SSO Commerce Migration Process
Know what to expect when onboarding your store and shoppers to Bolt SSO.
Bolt Accounts
Learn what Bolt Accounts are and how they improve the shopping experience.
SSO Commerce FAQs
Get the answers to some of the most common questions about SSO Commerce.
Social Authentication for Shoppers
Social Authentication enables Shoppers to log into their Bolt Accounts via Google or Apple, given that the Merchant has enabled SSO Commerce.

Benefits Overview

Merchant Benefits

Benefit Description
Increase Registration Rates Benefit from Bolt Accounts’ 60% post-adoption registration rate.
Increase Account Protection Provide customers more secure logins using passwordless OTP and account takeover (ATO) protection.
Increase Conversion Rates Uplevel conversion rates. Shoppers with Bolt Accounts have a 63% higher conversion rate than guest checkout shoppers.
Offload PCI Compliance Checkout Responsibility Obtain PCI compliance without having to do all of the work.

Shopper Benefits

Benefit Description
Saved Address & Payment Information Offer customers a way to save payment information and complete purchases with a One Click checkout.
Passwordless Login Let shoppers use secure, One-Time Passwords (OTP) without needing to remember passwords or usernames.
Frictionless Account Creation Enable shoppers to sign up for accounts during and after checkout (i.e., order tracking) to avoid unnecessary friction.
Faster Checkout Across Retailers Give shoppers the ability to complete a One Click, logged-in checkout experience across all retailers in the Bolt Network.
Centralized Security & Account Protection Store payment and personal information in a single location as opposed to over multiple store accounts across the internet.
Order Tracking Allow shoppers to reorder or buy new products throughout Bolt’s Order Tracking using saved Bolt Account information.