Bolt Accounts

Bolt Accounts enable merchants to offer enhanced features that extend beyond Bolt’s checkout experience, such as: Order Tracking, Reordering, and SSO Commerce.

If you have your own shopper accounts and are in the United States of America (US), you can take advantage of our Global Consent Collection feature (currently in Beta).

Bolt Accounts Provide

βœ“ One Click Account Creation

Shoppers create an account once, then never again. By simply selecting a checkbox, shoppers save their information during their first checkout on a site in the Bolt Network and never have to enter personal data again.

βœ“ Secure OTP Login Experience

Countless usernames and password combinations make you (and your shoppers) susceptible to data breaches if information is ever compromised. Bolt Accounts eliminate this risk by using a passwordless, one-time password (OTP) that keeps account information safe and secure. In addition to this, all payment information is tokenized and stored in a token vault used for transactions.

βœ“ One Click Checkout Across the Bolt Network

Bolt Account users can use their account across any stores participating in the Bolt Network—even if they’ve never shopped there before. This means faster and easier shopping.

βœ“ Easy Access to Order Tracking and Reordering

Allow shoppers to reorder or buy new products throughout Bolt’s Order Tracking used saved Bolt account information.

Getting Started With Bolt Accounts

Bolt Accounts are natively supported by Bolt Checkout, meaning you do not have to do any additional setup to use them. See our shopper-focused quickstart guide for details on setting up a Bolt Account.

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