Merchants can set up subscriptions purchasable through Bolt Checkout. In order to deploy Bolt with subscription functionality merchants must provide a subscription plan to Bolt Support.

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Subscription Plan Details

  • Plan Name: A unique (per merchant) internal name or description to identify the plan. This will not be shown to customers.
  • Discount Code: A string discount/promo code from the shopping cart platform, which is applied to each recurring order.This will not be shown to customers.
  • Frequency Options: A list of frequency intervals (in days, weeks, or months) which will be presented on product pages for customers to select.
  • Product Info (Name, ID, and Image URL): The list of products for which this plan will apply. Future plan modifications will also be applied across all of these products.

Once a customer subscribes to a product, they have a subscription, which includes the product, chosen frequency, and the associated plan. Therefore, changes to plans may affect existing subscriptions as follows:

  • Discount Code: If changed, all existing subscriptions will also use the new code.
  • Frequency Options: Changes do not affect existing subscriptions, but users can only select from these options if they attempt to change the frequency.
  • Product Info (Name, ID, and Image URL): Changes do not affect existing subscriptions.

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