How fees work for Bolt merchants.
Bolt Payments
Learn about Bolt Payments as a payment facilitator.
Confidentiality Policy
Learn about Bolt's confidentiality policy and why it's important for protecting your shoppers.
Learn about all of Bolt's dispute policies and processes, from representation to reimbursement.
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Fraud Review Process
Learn about Bolt's fraud review process, our scoring methodology, and how to handle rejected orders.
Infrastructure Reliability Policy
Learn about Bolt's infrastructure, uptime track-record, and stance on disaster recovery.
PCI Compliance
Learn about Bolt's PCI compliance requirements, due dates, and how to get assistance from PCI specialists.
Prohibited Merchant Categories
Learn about which merchant categories Bolt prohibits.
Learn about Bolt's refund policy and how to process refunds for networks that require refund authorizations.
Support Hours, Tickets, & Chat
Learn about Bolt's Support hours, chat availability, and submitting a ticket through the Merchant Dashboard.
Transaction Limits
Learn about Bolt's transaction limits for minimum and maximum totals.