Stripe Disputes

Stripe Dispute Lifecycle

Step Shopper Action Merchant Action Bolt Action Notes
1 Submits retrieval request Forwards required documentation to Bolt Reaches out to merchant Response Timelines
2 Initiates first chargeback None Reviews merchant documentation and determines liability.
3 None None Represents merchant
Dispute Outcome Optionally contest Optionally contest Reimburses chargeback funds & fee via your Stripe account if merchant won. Decided by card-issuing bank
4 None None Represents merchant in pre-arbitration
Arbitration Outcome None None Reimburses chargeback funds & fee via your Stripe account if merchant won. Decided by Stripe

Important Information

Disputes for transactions processed through Stripe have some unique factors that are outlined in this section.

Merchant-Liable Stripe Chargebacks

Bolt is not responsible for representing merchant-liable chargebacks for transactions processed through Stripe. Use Stripe’s standard chargeback process in this scenario.

Bolt-Liable Stripe Chargebacks

  • Bolt is responsible for handling these transactions
  • Bolt issues a credit reimbursement for the order amount via merchant’s stripe account
  • Merchants can view a transaction’s details from the Bolt Merchant dashboard to determine if it is indemnified for fraud

Bolt is not part of the transaction flow and therefore has no record of the dispute.


Merchants can view these credit reimbursements through their Stripe account. Bolt creates two payments, which are funded based on Stripe’s payout policy:

  1. Payment 1: Compensates for the order amount.
  2. Payment 2: Compensates for the chargeback fee with Stripe ($15).


  • Bolt processes incoming disputes individual (versus in batches) for reconciliation purposes
  • Payout to each merchant follows Stripe’s scheduling which varies by merchant, but typically occurs once per day
  • For each credit transaction, Bolt attaches the original transaction ID, just as it is shown in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard

You can use the transaction ID attached to the credit to map to the original disputed Bolt transaction.

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