Dispute Codes

Bolt has consolidated and standardized reason codes used by different credit card networks to make it easier to understand why a dispute has occurred. Refer to the following table to determine what each dispute reason code means:

Reason Code Description
authorization_failed Authorization was declined or not present
cancelled_recurring Recurring charge was cancelled
cardholder_dispute Other generic cardholder unhappiness with a purchase. Cardholder is aware of transaction
currency_error Incorrect currency, or problem translating currency in international order
duplicate Cardholder has already been charged for this transaction, or paid by other means
fraud_general Other reasons for fraud
fraud_no_authorization Cardholder claims they did not authorize/participate in the transaction
incorrect_amount Charge was for different amount than customer agreed to pay
late_presentment Transaction was submitted to processor outside of time frame
processing_error Other generic processing error
processor_general Processor-specific reason code that does not provide additional information
product_defective Goods were not as described or there was a problem with quality
product_not_received Customer did not receive the product or service
product_returned Customer returned the product but did not get credited
request_for_information Retrieval request that does not involve money movement
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