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Embedded Checkout Setup

Bolt’s Embedded Checkout product enables you to bring your own UI while also upgrading your existing checkout experiences. This differs from our managed checkout products that completely replace the checkout features on your site.

Embedded Checkout Delivers

✓ Increase in Conversions

Bolt account shoppers complete checkout at a 50% higher rate than guest shoppers and have 66% higher repurchase rates.

✓ Your Custom Checkout UX

Keep your checkout process and maintain your branded experience while tapping into Bolt’s account infrastructure that helps you build a one-click checkout.

✓ Linked Accounts

For your existing customers who have already created store accounts, we upgrade these accounts to Bolt Embedded Accounts for you. Their previously saved payment and shipping information syncs to their newly created Bolt account, saving your shoppers time across the Bolt network.

If a new shopper on your site is already in the Bolt network from interacting with other Bolt merchants, we’ll detect their account and help them access their previously saved information.

Embedded Product Options

Bolt supports two Embedded Checkout options for each shopper flow (Guest and Logged-in): Embedded One-Click and Embedded Accounts.

Checkout Type Checkout UI Detect Account Add Payments Add Address Account Details
Merchant-defined UI Yes No No No
Bolt-managed UI Yes No No No
Merchant-defined UI Yes Yes Yes Yes
Merchant-defined UI Yes Yes Yes Yes

Checkout UI:

  • Merchant-defined UI: You build and maintain the front-end components displayed in the storefront.
  • Bolt-managed UI: You display Bolt’s managed front-end checkout components in the storefront.
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