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Create a Bolt Account

Using shopper accounts, Bolt enables a one-click checkout experience for shoppers across a growing number of stores online.

How Bolt Accounts Work

A new Bolt account is created nearly automatically during the checkout process, by using the information you as a shopper provide to complete your initial order.

To create a new Bolt account, all you need to do is check the Remember my information on this device checkbox during the checkout process.

When you return to a site that uses Bolt, Bolt will recognize you by the email and phone number you provided during that first checkout, which become tied to your Bolt account.

To verify your identity as a shopper, instead of requiring a username and a password, Bolt sends a code to your phone using the phone number associated with the account. This code is then used to login to the account, where you may access and manage your shopper information.

How to Create an Account

  1. Begin the checkout process at any store using Bolt.
  2. Check the Remember my information on this device checkbox.
  3. Select Pay.
  4. Complete your transaction.

A confirmation that your information has been saved will display while your order is being placed.

🎉 That’s it! You are now ready to take advantage of the one-click checkout experience across all Bolt-enabled online stores!


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