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Manage Payment Methods

Shoppers can manage their payment methods when accessing the Bolt Checkout Modal found on any participating merchant’s storefront.

How to Manage Payment Methods

  1. Navigate to Checkout on a participating merchant’s site.
  2. Verify you are logged in. You should see Step 1: Select a delivery method
  3. Navigate to Step 2.
  4. Select Edit Payment.
  5. Update the payment method.
  6. Select Confirm method to save.

Add New Card

  1. Select + NEW CARD.
  2. Complete the card info.
  3. Select Submit new method.

Set As Preferred Card

The preferred (default) payment method is marked with a star.

  1. Locate the card listed in your payment methods.
  2. Select Select as Preferred.

The selected card is now your preferred payment method.

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