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  • SSO Commerce Migration Process

    Bolt understands the importance of protecting your shopper’s information while providing a smooth onboarding experience. Because of this, all account upgrades are handled directly by our expert internal team to ensure: Account information is exported and migrated securely All login workflows are properly accounted for, upgraded, and tested The brand experience of SSO accounts aligns with your store SSO Commerce Onboarding Steps Onboarding your store and shoppers is easy.

  • SSO Commerce FAQs

    Accounts Onboarding Questions What happens to an existing shopper’s store account? Shoppers are prompted to link their original store account to a Bolt account upon their next login after SSO Commerce is enabled. How are Bolt accounts linked to a store account? If a shopper has an existing Bolt account and an account associated to your store, they are prompted to link the accounts upon their next login to Bolt.

  • Bolt Accounts

    Bolt Accounts enable merchants to offer enhanced features that extend beyond Bolt’s checkout experience, such as: Order Tracking, Reordering, and SSO Commerce.

  • SSO Commerce

    Deliver a secure, logged-in experience to your customers that results in increased account registrations for you and reduced friction for your shoppers. SSO Commerce unifies logins for shoppers by connecting your store accounts with Bolt Accounts. This gives your shoppers access to everything related to your brand—like past order history and loyalty programs—and a one click checkout experience across all sites in the Bolt Network. It’s still your brand, just powered by Bolt.