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  • How to Verify Webhooks

    All requests made by Bolt to your ecommerce Merchant API will be signed to ensure the authenticity of our requests. Your implementation should always verify the signature to make sure that it’s always Bolt calling your endpoint.

    Bolt signs the payload and includes the HMAC signature in the request header X-Bolt-Hmac-Sha256. There are two ways to verify the payload with this signature.

  • How to Connect Unlinked Transactions

    Creating orders through the frontend (rather than through a pre-auth endpoint) can occasionally prevent an order from linking to a Bolt ID. This disconnect is typically caused by internet disruptions, browser crashes, and similar occurrences on the shopper’s end.

    To handle unlinked transactions, make sure that the pending transaction hook is capable of converting an existing cart order_reference into an order.

  • About the Merchant API

    The Merchant API is a general endpoint on your ecommerce server that Bolt can use to make synchronous calls and retrieve information. This information includes details on shipping, tax, and viable discounts codes.

    How to Connect Bolt to Your Merchant API Endpoint

    1. Log in to your Merchant Dashboard.
    2. Navigate to Developers > Keys.
    3. Scroll to URL Configurations.
    4. Select Edit next to your platform and input the URL (example:
    5. Select Update.

    Repeat to set up your Merchant Sandbox environment.

  • How to Set Up Shipping & Tax Endpoints

    Use the Merchant API to handle shipping and tax information for your orders. This is required for multi-step checkout.

    How to Use the Shipping & Tax APIs

    Reach out to your CSM to have split shipping and tax enabled for your merchant account.

    Shipping API

    1. Implement the Shipping API endpoint on your server.
    2. Respond to Bolt’s order.shipping POST request from your Merchant API.
    3. Verify the authenticity of the request by confirming that it originated from Bolt.

  • Pre-Authorization Sequence

    Pre-authorization is a redesigned sequence that changes how Bolt works with cart and card authorizations. When a shopper select the Pay button in Bolt Checkout, there are two events which must happen for a successful order to occur.

    Required Checkout Events
    • Credit Card Authorization
    • Order Creation in the Shopping Cart

  • Review Webhook Failures

    Webhook failure notifications provide you a means of tracking and resolving a crucial part of your Bolt integration.