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  • Authorization & Capture

    capture auth


    When a shopper places an order, the transaction information is sent to the issuing bank for authorization. The issuing bank will decide whether to decline the authorization or accept the authorization.

  • Micro-Authorizations

    A micro-authorization is a small, temporary charge that Bolt authorizes on a shopper’s card. The shopper then provides the value of the charge to Bolt to prove that that they have access to their account, enabling higher order approval rates for your business.

  • Verify Micro-Authorization

    Micro-authorizations are temporary, small transactions (typically less than 1.00 USD) that merchants use to verify a shopper’s identity after placing an order. Once you receive the micro-authorization, you can submit the amount (e.g., 0.37) to validate your ownership of the credit card. The charge is removed from your account typically within 48 hours.