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Before You Start
Fill out the Merchant Onboarding Form, wait for a Merchant Dashboard Account activation email, then log into your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
View platform operations & order statuses for BigCommerce.
Checkout Setup
Choose between Bolt's Managed Checkout, Remote Checkout, and Embedded Checkout.
Managed Checkout Setup
Add Bolt Checkout to your eCommerce platform using one of our dedicated plugins.
Set Up Bolt for BigCommerce
Learn how to integrate Bolt for BigCommerce.
Set Up
Follow the steps in this article to set up your BigCommerce site integration with Bolt One Click.
The Merchant Dashboard
Get a tour of your new Merchant Dashboard!
Bolt provides a wide range of analytics and views, available in your Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
Read and learn about the Bolt Network Effect and how it encourages Shoppers to keep coming back - or instill trust in your checkout before they even get there!
Fraud Add On
Bolt One Click can also offer you Fraud protection! Check out this article to learn about the advantages of adding on our Fraud Tool to your One Click Checkout.
Shopper Experience
This article will show you what your shoppers will see on your BigCommerce store when you utilize Bolt One Click.
Frequently asked questions for BigCommerce merchants using Bolt One Click.
Disable Other Credit/Debit Card Fields
Disable other payment fields to endure a smooth checkout for your users.
Set Up Payment Processors
Quickly select your payment processor.
Connect Klaviyo with Bolt
Learn how to connect Klaviyo with Bolt.
Connect Route with Bolt
Learn how to connect Route with Bolt.
Disable Bolt for BigCommerce
Learn how to disable or uninstall Bolt for BigCommerce.
Donations at Checkout - BigCommerce
This feature displays the suggested product add-ons or upsells for purchase to shoppers during checkout or order tracking.
Embedded Checkout Setup
Pick and choose what parts of Bolt Checkout you would like to use.
Externally Marked BigCommerce Orders
Why are Bolt orders marked 'external' in BigCommerce?
Imported Orders From ShipStation to BigCommerce Have the Wrong Status
Why are my ShipStation Orders getting rejected?
Issue Refunds for BC
How to issue refunds for Bigcommerce.
Manage Bolt for BigCommerce
Learn how to manage your Bolt plugin for BigCommerce.
Order is Unlinked in BigCommerce
How do I re-link an unlinked order in BigCommerce?
Place Phone Orders BC
How to place phone orders for Bigcommerce.
Set Up Callbacks for BigCommerce
Learn how to set up checkout callbacks for BigCommerce.
Set Up SSO Commerce for BigCommerce
Learn how to set up SSO Commerce buttons and stylings on your BigCommerce storefront.
View Unlinked Order Analytics
How to view unlinked orders for BigCommerce in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
Void Transactions for BC
How to void transactions for Bigcommerce.