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cart groups

  • Checkout Cart Groups

    Merchants on custom cart platforms can group similar items in Bolt checkout using Cart Groups. One common use case is to group items in the shopper’s cart by expected shipping or delivery dates. Read how to enable Cart Groups.

  • Enable Cart Groups

    Cart Groups enable merchants to group items in a shopper’s cart by labels.

    How to Add Cart Groups

    You must update the create.order Merchant API call to include the itemGroup field.

      "id": "9733761171175415",
      "displayId": "5203939994859497",
      "items": [
          "reference": "2",
          "image": "",
          "name": "Item2",
          "price": "$80.32",
          "desc": "Item2 makes Item1 obsolete",
          "sku": "SK-2",
          "itemGroup": "group 1",
          "quantity": 1
      "currency": "USD"

  • Enable Order Tracking

    How to Set up Order Tracking 1. Bolt Initialization Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to enable this feature. Wait for confirmation before moving to the next step. 2. Update your Platform theme. BigCommerce Add the following script to your theme footer (typically found in templates/components/common.footer.html). <!--Bolt Addition--> <div> <div class="bolt-account-login"></div> <script id="bolt-account" type="text/javascript" src="" data-publishable-key={publishable_key}> </script> </div> <!--End Bolt Addition--> Refresh the page. Preview the theme and review.