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  • Set Up Bolt for CyberSource

    Bolt does not affect your relationship or setup with Cybersource. You your existing CyberSource account, dashboard, and pricing are not affected by this integration. You will continue to use the CyberSource dashboard for payment operations.

    How to Integrate with CyberSource

    1. Contact and ask them to set up an account.
    2. Bolt will initiate your account creation and CyberSource integration.
    3. When set up, log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.
    4. Navigate to Developer > API > Keys.
    5. Add the following keys:
      • Cybersource Merchant ID
      • Cybersource Shared Secret Key Name
      • Cybersource Shared Secret Key

  • Non-Gateway Relationships

    A modified version of Bolt’s Merchant Dashboard is provided for Merchant relationships where Bolt does not handle payment processing. Read this article to be aware of:

    • Which processing features are excluded
    • The differences in financial items (pricing, invoices)