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  • Processor Setup

    Merchants must define which payment processor or gateway they intend to use during the onboarding phase. Existing merchants can also migrate to a different processor by using the steps outlined in this article.

  • Set Up Bolt for Adyen

    Prerequisites Your Adyen account must be able to accept raw PAN information in order to integrate with Bolt. To accept raw PAN information, reach out to your Adyen account representative. How to Integrate with Adyen 1. Link Adyen to Bolt Inform your Customer Success Manager that you would like to use Adyen as your payment processor. Create in API key from your Adyen account. Log in to the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Authorization Response Codes

    Authorization codes for payment processing vary depending on your Bolt Merchant Account setup. Bolt recommends reviewing authorization codes specific to your payment processor or gateway. External Resources Adyen Authorization Codes Braintree Authorization Codes Cybersource Authorization Codes NMI Authorization Codes Paypal Authorization Codes For WorldPay authorization codes, reach out to your customer success manager.

  • Order Not Showing in Bolt

    If a shopper makes a purchase using a non-Bolt payment gateway, for example PayPal, Bolt will not show that purchase in the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Bolt only display orders that were made through its own checkout.

  • Set Up Bolt for Radial

    How to Integrate with Radial 1. Add Bolt IPs to Allowlist List If you are using a blocklist, allow the following IPs: 2. Add Radial Keys to Bolt You must be an admin in your Bolt Merchant Account to complete the following steps. Log in to the Radial Console. Navigate to Profile > API Keys. Obtain the following: Store ID API Key Base URL (This is an optional value only needed if Radial has assigned a unique base URL to your merchant account) Copy the required details.