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  • Bolt Checkout Integration Guide

    Use this guide to set up a basic Bolt Checkout flow on your website.

    How to Integrate with Bolt Checkout

    1. Generate an order token by sending a POST request to /v1/merchant/orders.
    2. Install the Checkout Button on your storefront.
    3. Learn how to interact with our Merchant API to handle various operations for the order, such as:
      • Populating shipping and tax options in checkout by responding to a order.shipping_and_tax request from Bolt.
      • Applying any discounts in checkout by responding to a discount.code.applyrequest from Bolt
      • Pre-authorizing an order by responding to an order.create request from Bolt
    4. Listen for webhook events related to the order’s changing transaction status.

  • How to Configure Checkout Analytics

    Previously, you learned how to integrate with Bolt Checkout. Now let’s enhance that integration by configuring analytics. Bolt supports pixel tracking by sending Shopper-triggered events to a merchant’s Google and Facebook analytics platforms. You must be an admin user in your Merchant Account to update tracking IDs.