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  • Environment Details


    Bolt provides two account environments: Sandbox and Production. Each environment includes a unique Merchant Dashboard. All transactions that flow through Bolt’s checkout can be found in your Merchant Dashboard.

    Each merchant account has a unique API Key and Signing Secret that Bolt uses to accurately verify and associate transactions with the account’s divisions.


    A Bolt merchant account can have one or many divisions. A division represents a uniquely configured instance of Bolt Checkout to fit a specific use case or workflow (e.g., storefront and back office). Division setup often includes enabling different features and creating separate webhooks for every division.

    Common Divisions

    • Pay by Link
    • Back Office
    • NetSuite ERP

    Each merchant division has a unique Publishable Key that is used to access your transaction data outside of the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

    Collaborating with many developers across multiple sandboxes does not require multiple divisions. Simply add each URL to your Approved Domains list.

    Account Types

    Merchant account types are associated to individual processors. Because each processor has unique workflows and setup requirements, switching your payment processor requires setting up a new Bolt merchant account that aligns with the newly chosen processor.

    API & Webhooks

    About Keys

    API Key Used for calling Bolt API from your backend server
    Signing Secret Used for signature verification on requests received from bolt
    Publishable Key Embedded on your website and used by Bolt to identify your website

  • Install the Bolt Tokenizer

    Bolt’s tokenizer is a public package on NPM and can be used to implement custom back-office integrations, such as direct payment processing, when also paired with the authorization endpoint.

  • Integrate Backoffice Operations

    You can integrate Bolt operations directly into your order management and supply chain systems using Bolt’s API. These actions can be performed via Bolt’s Merchant Dashboard without API integration.

    Available Actions

    • Authorize New Credit Card
    • Capture Authorizations Manually
    • Fetch Transaction Details
    • Recharge Existing Credit Card
    • Refund Transactions
    • Review Transaction Manually
    • Void Transactions

  • Production Readiness Guide

    Developers, Partners, and Merchant Admins should use this guide to verify that their integration with Bolt is complete and thorough before launching in a production environment.