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magento commerce

  • eCommerce Platform Setup

    Latest Plugin Versions

    Platform Bolt Plugin Version
    BigCommerce N/A
    Magento 1 (EOL Feb 2021) 2.9.0
    Magento Commerce (M2) 2.19.0
    NetSuite 2.1.0
    Salesforce Commerce Cloud 20.2.0
    Volusion 1.0.2
    WooCommerce 2.13.1

  • Magento Commerce

    Order Review and Status Changes

    As Bolt processes the order, it will transition through several different statuses:

    Magento Status Description
    Payment Review Orders are set to a status of payment review when a shopper places an order on your Magento store.
    Processing Orders are set to a status of processing when Bolt approves the order. If you have Bolt enable ‘auto-capture’, the payment is captured at this point. Otherwise, the payment is captured when you issue an invoice.
    Deferred Orders are set to a deferred status when Bolt suspects the transaction is at high risk of being fraudulent and reversibly rejects the order. You may either force-approve or confirm the rejection from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard. Deferred orders are canceled if no action is taken within a few business days.
    Canceled Orders are set to a status of canceled when: an order is identified as fraudulent (irreversibly rejected) or an authorization has expired after 7 days.

  • Connect Klaviyo with Bolt

    Connecting Bolt with Klaviyo requires your ecommerce platform to have the Klaviyo integration already installed and set up. 1. Complete Klaviyo Integration Setup Use the following guides by Klaviyo to set up your Klaviyo integration. BigCommerce Magento Magento Commerce Salesforce Commerce Cloud Volusion WooCommerce 2. Set up Bolt Use the Platform Guides to add Bolt to your store. BigCommerce Magento Magento Commerce Salesforce Commerce Cloud Salesforce SFRA Volusion WooCommerce 3.

  • Issue Refunds for M2

    Refunds are best processed by issuing a refund through Magento, as the Bolt Merchant Dashboard will not automatically sync with your order management system.

  • Place Phone Orders for M2

    Merchants can use Bolt to process payments for orders manually created in the Magento Commerce console.

  • Set Up Bolt for Magento Commerce

    How to Install

    The location of the Magento 2 root folder depends on where you originally installed Magento and is also driven by your webhosting company. If you navigate to your Magento 2 root, you’ll see the following folders:

    • app
    • bin
    • dev
    • lib
    • pub
    • var
    • vendor

  • Void Transactions for M2

    Merchants should void transactions from within the Magento Commerce Admin console. When an authorized transaction is canceled (voided) from the store admin, the order is put in Canceled state.