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  • Test Order Amounts

    You can use the following order totals to simulate order scenarios in your Bolt sandbox. Need to set up your sandbox? refer to our Environment Details reference article for all necessary API keys and URLs. Bolt Order Amounts Outcome Order Total Reviewed & Approved $8,017.01 Irreversibly Rejected $8,017.02 Reversibly Rejected $8,017.03 Declined $8,017.04 Auto-Approved (No Review) $8,017.

  • Verify Micro-Authorization

    Micro-authorizations are temporary, small transactions (typically less than 1.00 USD) that merchants use to verify a shopper’s identity after placing an order. Once you receive the micro-authorization, you can submit the amount (e.g., 0.37) to validate your ownership of the credit card. The charge is removed from your account typically within 48 hours.