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payout schedule

  • Authorization & Capture

    capture auth


    When a shopper places an order, the transaction information is sent to the issuing bank for authorization. The issuing bank will decide whether to decline the authorization or accept the authorization.

  • Funding Withdrawals

    A funding withdrawal is the removal of funds from an account. Funds will be withdrawn from your bank account if the amount of refunds for a day exceeds the revenue for that day.

  • Payout Schedule

    Bolt follows industry-standard practices for settlement and funding. The typical process takes approximately two days from order placement to availability, and works as follows:

    Payout Timeline

    1. Card network transactions are captured by 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET each business day.
    2. Card network transactions are settled at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET the following business day.
      • Funds are moved from unsettled to settled balance.
      • Funds become transferrable to your bank account.
    3. Bolt transfers funds settled since last business day at 12 p.m. PT/3 p.m. ET, each business day.
      • Daily transactions become exportable from the merchant dashboard at this point.

  • Settlements

    Settlement is the process of managing electronic payment transactions so they can clear and be funded. When a payment is submitted, it is sent to the issuing financial institution for authorization. At this stage, the transaction is said to be unsettled and will be added to your unsettled balance. Card issuers require a daily confirmation (via a settlement batch) for all transactions.

  • Statements

    Refer to this article when reviewing your exported Bank Transfer statements or Funding Detail statements.