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September 2, 2021

Magento 2 2.23.0 🔗


This release repairs the previous release of M2 2.23 from June 30, 2021. Bolt recommends installing the latest version of M2 to see the benefits of this release.

The New

  • Simplified SSO Commerce enablement with new login and register pages.
  • Added support for Magento v2.4.3.
  • Added support for Route Shipping, a Checkout Integration that enables merchants to add Route directly from the Merchant Dashboard to Bolt Checkout without changing your theme or connect scripts of Bolt.
  • Added support for multiple third-party module integrations:
    • Mageworx Rewards
    • Amasty Preorder
    • Imagination Media Teamwork Gift Cards
    • Teamworks Token
    • Teamworks Store Credit

The Improvements

Various improvements to the third-party module integrations for:

  • Aheadworks Giftcards
  • MW_RewardPoints

The Bug Fixes

  • Carts with a rule preventing discounts will no longer trigger a different discount to be applied to the cart.

What Was Released in M2 2.22

The New
  • Custom order notes are now supported using the field customer_note. Agents can access this field on the order from the Magento dashboard.
  • A new endpoint for fetching product inventory is now available.
  • Merchants can now choose to sync orders between Bolt and Magento post-purchase; reach out to your Customer Success Manager to activate this feature.
  • The M2 plugin now supports the Magecomp Extra Fee extension.
The Improved
  • We’ve improved page loading speed by selectively postponing when connect.js is loaded.
The Bug Fixes
  • Resolved issue where billing addresses were considered invalid if they were created or changed on a native checkout page.
  • Resolved issue where shoppers could occasionally get stuck on a loading screen during the Payment step based on the payment processor used by the merchant.
  • Resolved issue where tax calculations would error out when the shopper’s cart contained virtual goods and the merchant was using split shipping and tax endpoints.
  • Resolved issue where calculating taxes on a cart threw the following error: Unprocessable Entity: No such entity with cartId = ###.
  • Resolved issue where Bolt’s V2 Checkout Button did not load correctly from the minicart.


August 20, 2021

GA: August Roundup 🔗

The New

  • Multi-Processor Support: Previously, a merchant had to create a new account with Bolt to switch processors. Now, merchants do not need a new account to switch processors. This enables merchants to more easily negotiate better processing rates without worrying about impacts to their integrations and operations caused by setting up a new account.
  • Delivery Subtext: Merchants can now add more context for delivery options by making use of a 60-character description (description) line beneath the shipping method, which also supports tooltips (description_tooltips). This feature is available through the Merchant Callback API for Shipping and Tax. You can read more about Delivery Subtext here.

July 31, 2021

GA: July Roundup 🔗

The New

  • Route Insurance: We’ve made it easier to set up Route insurance as an addon in your checkout experience. To set up Route Insurance, simply toggle the setting to enabled from the Product Add-Ons list in Settings > Checkout Settings.

July 31, 2021

GA: July Roundup 🔗

The New

  • Checkout Previews: We’ve begun consolidating checkout feature settings into a more user-friendly dashboard component that allows for previewing different iterations of the Bolt Checkout Modal based on key features for shipping, delivery, and payment settings (among others).
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