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  • Developer Quickstart Guide

    There are two ways to integrate with Bolt: via platform plugin installation, or via Bolt’s Direct API for custom cart platforms. Use the following sections to quickly begin setting up your store with Bolt Checkout.

  • Merchant Quickstart

    Welcome to Bolt! Our goal is to deliver the most innovative checkout experience possible — for both you and your shoppers. To get you started, we’ve rounded up some of the most useful resources for onboarding your team. These resources cover common processes related to order operations, disputes, support outreach, and compliance requirements.

  • Shopper Quickstart Guide

    Shop quickly and with ease across your favorite stores using Bolt Checkout. As a shopper, you can log in to your Bolt Account across all participating stores — without needing a password! Bolt Accounts centralize shopping management and save time; no more looking for you wallet or trying to find the correct saved payment method. Everything’s already there and in one place. 1. Create an Account Accounts can be created at any participating store simply by using Bolt Checkout for the first time and select Remember my information on this device.