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  • Manage Internal Devices

    Merchants can configure their internal devices to disable account-based checkout. This improves backoffice order workflows and ensures a higher rate of order indemnification. For more information, see our best practices article on backoffice & phone orders.

  • Merchant IP Addresses

    As a merchant, you can add office IP addresses to your account in the Merchant Dashboard. Adding your office IP addresses enables you to automatically bypass the Bolt Risk/Checkout fee for orders placed from your storefront internally. These orders are not indemnified for fraud. See our How to Add Merchant IP Addresses for setup instructions.

  • Unsubscribe Shoppers From Abandoned Cart Emails

    Merchants can unsubscribe shoppers who opt-out of Abandoned Cart Emails from the Bolt Merchant Dashboard.

  • Upgraded Monitoring

    Upgraded Monitoring provides the logging and analytics needed to give Bolt greater insight into its interaction with a merchant’s site. With this improvement to the plugins, Bolt can more proactively detect issues, even when Bolt does not cause them. Once discovered, Bolt may attempt to fix the problems or proactively notify the merchant.